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Today’s drawing was a disappointment. Again, it was one of those fairly simple drawing projects, and I didn’t anticipate too many problems. I was drawing apples on a tree, you see.

Inktober 8 - Apple Tree (2) Apples on the Tree – Ink Drawing by Judith Kraus

Apples were one of the first things I was able to draw successfully. In those earliest days of learning to draw, I joked how an apple a day was just what the doctor ordered for my artwork, and when I first started this blog, the very first drawing I shared was a bowl of apples I’d drawn in colored pencil. I think it was probably one of the best drawings I’d done at that point. Yes, I recently drew a bunch of bad apples, but all the same, I felt confident about today’s Inktober drawing.

It wouldn’t be too difficult, I thought, but I certainly didn’t want…

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