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Elise is a friend of mine, the daughter-in-law of my friend Tim. She is one of those artists whose work leaves me speechless. Elise does botanical illustrations, a specific form of art not for the weak of heart. Botanical Illustrations must be scientifically accurate in all ways, color, proportions, and details. They are often artistic, […]

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How to choose right photography course

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There is always a requirement of education before you start anything for your professional career. It is not required only for photography career but it is required for all the professional career that you pursue, Suppose someone is looking forward to becoming a Doctor, engineer, lawyer, sports person etc. In all these fields you required proper education for basic and advance knowledge both. Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, there is always something new to learn about the art of photography. From camera angles to shutter speed, composition, framing, post-processing, lighting, studio lighting and above all lots of detailing of any specific genres like fashion, advertising, interiors etc. Then which camera, lens, tripod & the filter is better for photography career and why.

Start with the basic photography course. Lots of basic courses are available in the market. Before choosing the photography course let’s discuss the few important points.


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Importance​ of camera bag

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We have discussed so many topics based on photography. How to shoot, when to shoot, what to shoot etc. One of the important backbones of photography is your photography Bag also. which includes your lenses, camera body, tripod, laptop, filters, hard disc, memory cards, battery, battery charger etc and other important photography equipment.  Maintenance of your photography bag is also an important task for every serious photographer. Never ever take your bag very lightly. This is the bag who always take care and protect your photography equipment in all type of weather, in travelling and other unforeseen circumstances.

let’s discuss the importance of your camera bag and the important safety points

  • Your photography bag must be bought from a genuine manufacturer and must have good reviews as well as.
  • The bag must not be too much big and should create a problem in carrying.
  • The bag must be hard from outside…

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Painting from the heart

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by cheri block sabraw


Linda Leinen, a wonderful writer and photographer whose blog I have followed for a number of years, lost her feline companion, Dixie Rose, last year.  I asked her for an interesting photo as my intention was to paint a small portrait of Dixie for Linda. The photo she sent did not disappoint. You can see it on the left of these two images.

As I painted away, trying to capture the whim and eyes of a gorgeous calico, someone else kept kneading at my soul, a person who has lived a challenging life and spent the last years addicted to opioids, the result of pain-killers given to him after a back surgery.

I learned that he had gone cold turkey and is now opioid free.

And yet, he has spent the last years alone in a very small space with his cat, who served as company…

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