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Got up at 6:30 after tossing and turning all night which means NO sleep. Why did I eat those chocolate chip cookies last nite. Always wake me up at 4 am. Started this one today. It’s small 9×12 but really like the birds. Combined three snap shots of my back porch birds to do this […]

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Masterpiece: Edouard Manet

To start the day with humor, I searched the WP feee photo library, here is Van Go. 

green and white volkswagen combi
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 It’s hard to pin down my top five favorite pieces of art, no doubt you feel the same. I do have two close to my heart and I’ll share one with you today. M

Edourardo Manet painted one of my favorites, His last work was called A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, which was displayed at the Salon, in 1882. She pulls me into the painting. The Barmaid is beautiful but the painting doesn’t give me the feeling of her posing.  

A Bar at the Folies-Bergere, 1882 by Edouard Manet

Prior to that year, he received a special award from the French Government, which was the Légion d’honneur. It was one of the highest form of recognition that he has received throughout his life. 

His last work was called A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, which was displayed at the Salon, in 1882. Prior to that year, he received a special award from the French Government, which was the Légion d’honneur. It was one of the highest form of recognition that he has received throughout his life.

The Folies-Bergère was one of the most elaborate variety-show venues in Paris, showcasing entertainment ranging from ballets to circus acts. Another attraction was the barmaids, who were assumed by many contemporary observers to be available as clandestine prostitutes. By depicting one of these women and her male customer on an imposing scale, Manet brazenly introduced a morally suspect, contemporary subject into the realm of high art. By treating the topic with deadpan seriousness and painterly brilliance, Manet staked his claim to be remembered as the heroic “painter of modern life” envisaged by critics like Charles Baudelaire.

Everything is mere appearance, the pleasures of a passing hour, a midsummer night’s dream. Only painting, the reflection of a reflection – but the reflection, too, of eternity – can record some of the glitter of this mirage.” – Édouard Manet

飛翔 flight

I love the contrast in the photos, it makes me think of the endless possibilities for the photo. Thank you Takami for the reblog.

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For the Love of Art: Plans for Next Year


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I have not kickstarted the site as planned. My health and a disastrous fall down the stairs has left little time for what I love so much, Art!

I have several quality pieces and street favorites to share and look forward to your feedback. My Keith Haring isn’t framed, it’s two-sided, I haven’t decided how to frame.

Ideas have been brewing for months now and I’d like your feedback.

Are you interested in the story behind how the piece was procured?

Do you enjoy the reblog post from my favorite bloggers?

Are you interested in the museum’s I’ve visited and ones on my Bucket List?

What would you like to see from my blog?

I started the blog with the intention of spending large amounts of time at The Dallas Museum of Art learning more about the styles I love and learn other styles I don’t appreciate at this time. My health has not allowed that, having a chronic illness has slowed me down. My goal is the same today, learn about different styles of art.

Your feedback on what you would like to read will help me set goals to met your’s. I’m committed to the site with great passion, art is a second love behind my husband.

I look forward to hearing from you and exchanging ideas. Have a great day and a safe but awesome New Years day.




Dublin’s Fair City~ —

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Is really so pretty! The historic old pubs are lovely, and fun to explore, on a good, old-fashioned Irish pub-crawl. You are guaranteed to make friends because the people are warm, friendly, and often just a tad tipsy! Dublin is a vibrant, colorful city, justifiably proud, of its artistic and literary history. I am still […]

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Everything starts with the ​client

Thanks friend for the details on moving your business forward profitably. Melinda

Prasenjeet Gautam Photography Blogs

ps_18.jpgI guess this is one of the important backbones of every type of businesses like manufacturer, traders and services providers. Every business exists to serve the clients need. One of the most powerful guiding tools & principle for each and everybody doing business or serving to the clients. After investing in a business like money, high-end equipment, marketing expenditure, planning and investment of time investing in understanding the market scenario and clients need etc. What next, Next level is finding good clients to do business and to grow.

The most important thing to remember that is, Clients does not care for your investment and your time etc. But you have to understand his requirement and provide a better solution for him or for his requirements. Then only they will be happy to give you a continuous business. Remember. on the other way, always try to understand your clients need as a client…

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Protect your images — Prasenjeet Gautam Blog

The biggest problem for every photographer that is copyright issues. Copyright means that the moment you capture any photographs from your camera and from that particular moment you become the owner of that photographs. Copyright law affects every photographer. due to sharing images online and without the permission of the photographer. The moment you capture an […]

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